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Women's Private Beginner Program

Ladies would you like to learn to play golf?
Whether learning to play for business or for leisure, this program is disigned to provide you with the basic knowledge and skills needed to begin playing golf now.  Learn in a fun, relaxed environment and on your own schedule.  This program will transition you from the range to the golf course and give you the confidence to begin playing on your own.  Get Started Now!
  • 8 hours of fun, hands on instruction of short game skills including putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing skills with irons, fairway clubs, and driver
  • Basic rules, etiquette and terminology to begin playing
  • How to keep score and different ways to play for fun
  • How to keep pace of play and ways to have a stress free round
  • Basic rules, etiquette and terminology to begin playing 
  • Clubs provided if needed and club fit recommendations made
  • Learn about the different clubs, when and where to use them
  • On course playing experience for guided transition from the range to the course
Cost: $480 per person for the program
  $360 per person when you bring a friend
  $280 per person when you bring 2 friends
  *Each student is responsible for the cost of their green fee
  • This program is based on your schedule
  • The program requires a 5 session committment
  • Plan your program around your schedule on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

Session 1:    1.5 hours     Short game skills-putting and chipping
Session 2:    1.5 hours     Short game skills-pitching/Full swing skills-irons
Session 3:    1.5 hours     Full swing skills-irons and fairway clubs
Session 4:    1.5 hours     Full swing skills-driver/Short game skills-bunker play
Session 5:    2.0 hours     On course play