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Teaching Philosophy

Golf is about muscle memory. Every person can train their muscles regardless of age and/or ability. The challenge is that when a golf ball is introduced, most golfers often forget about the swing and focus more on the ball. My goal as a Teaching Professional is to help my students create a swing that is simple and repeatable.

During the course of a lesson we will work to discover how you learn best. Is it through visual aids? Through feeling your swing? Through hearing the ball? Or a combination of all three. Every golf swing is different and everyone learns in a different way. We need to find how you learn best and therefore help you play your best. It is my job to help you with this.

Self correction is the key to being a successful golfer. I cannot always be with my students while they practice and play. My goal is to give you the tools you need to correct your own swing. You will be more confident and knowledgeable about what works for you on the course and at the range.

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